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Chocolate Tart

Our Chocolate Tarts are a real chocolate lovers delight! Filled with either a silky smooth Ganache or a luxurious Chocolate Creme Patisserie. Also available Gluten Free

Gyspy Tart

Gypsy Tart is quintessentially Kentish and as a Kent bakery we are obliged to give you a taste of our County Classic! A sweet sugary filling incased in a sweet pastry its a sweet tooth lovers delight!

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Lemon Meringue Tart

Who doesn't know or love Lemon Meringue? A truly beautiful dessert. A crisp sweet pastry shell filled with a gorgeous, fresh Lemon Curd topped with a silky, sweet French Meringue. We pride ourselves on making this beauty with as few ingredients as possible and with no preservatives at all. All of our customers just love our Lemon Meringue Tarts they keep coming back for more!

Treacle Tart

Our Treacle Tarts and are a real crowd pleaser and a true old classic that a lot of our customers love. Our Treacle Tarts transport you back to your grandmother’s home during the holidays or that classic pudding from school. Customers love them, so we’ll keep baking them ‘til you’ve had enough!

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Lemon Tart

Our Lemon Tarts are a beautiful and classic tart. A sweet crisp tart shell filled with a sweet, sharp, silky smooth fresh Lemon Curd it is truly a real treat!

Creme Patissiere Tart

Our Creme Patissiere Tarts are a true patisserie classic. From the traditional vanilla creme patisserie with fresh fruit on top to different flavoured cremes.  There is a choice for all!

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