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We are a group of passionate bakers who love to craft new and exciting recipes in our kitchen. Each and every day, Brunels Bakery Limited produces the freshest baked goods in Kent. We’ve listed a few of our favorites here, but there’s always something more in the Bakery. Give us a call for our specials and more specialty treats.

Vanilla Rose _edited.jpg

Vanilla Cake

A traditional classic that everyone has come to know and love! A very soft, light and fluffy sponge that can have an all matter of flavoured jams to take it that one step further. Available as 4", 6" and 9". Design can vary and be personalised to what you want! Contact us today to find out more!

Lemon and Elderflower Cake

Our individual cakes are baked all day long so there is always one available. It’s a light and refreshing favourite if you'd rather something other than chocolate. A modern twist on a beautiful classic cake. Take some home today!

Lemon & Eldeflower Cake_edited.jpg
Red Velvet - Homemade for Website.jpg

Red Velvet Cake

Our mini Red Velvet Cakes are baked fresh daily to perfection and are a real crowd pleaser. The smell of our fresh cakes is just so soothing you wouldn't be able to say no. With a lovely soft sponge and a light cream cheese frosting its hard to resist!

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate, Chocolate and even more Chocolate! This a true chocolate lovers dream! A rich, light, moist sponge filled with a rich Chocolate buttercream and topped of with Chocolate Ganache Drip among more Chocolate Icing. I don't think I could of said Chocolate enough! They are a real favourite with our customers. Get yours today!

Chocolate 4_ Cake_edited.jpg