Christmas Presents


What We Bake

Vanilla Wreath_edited.jpg

Vanilla Wreath Cake

Our Vanilla Wreath Cakes are so popular we can't make them quick enough! It’s a seasonal favourite, and holds a very special place in the hearts of all of our customers. Take some home today, or pre-order for any special events this season.

Gingerbread Cake

This Gingerbread Cake has more going on that meets the eye. Here at Brunel's we are excited to say that this cake inside is Gingerbread!! So if you love gingerbread this is the cake for you! The beautiful blend of spices give you a warm hug inside. These are a real favourite with our customers. Buy or order yours today!

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Baked Gingerbread_edited.jpg

Gingerbread Biscuits

What a Christmas classic this is! Its the time of year where you can eat so many of these little spiced treats and not feel guilty! A bag or two of these will make perfect little stocking presents. A true classic and a big favourite of ours and our customers. So having a Christmas party? Or a family get together? Order these today!

Chocolate Wreath Cake

Tis the season to eat plenty of Chocolate. This rich, moist Chocolate Wreath Cake will just hit the spot! its the perfect treat to spoil yourself this Christmas.  All of our customers just love them!! Taste the Christmas Magic Brunels today. We look forward to seeing you!

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Red Velvet Christmas _edited.jpg

Red Velvet

Do you love Red Velvet? Do you love Christmas? Well this is the perfect cake just for you! A bright red crumbly sponge filled with a rich, creamy white chocolate and cream cheese buttercream, what more could you ask for?! This twist on a modern classic is just the cake you may be looking for this Christmas.

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