Our range is endless! We can do any flavour



Who doesn't love the flavours of banoffee? Chocolate, Caramel and Banana. We'll here at Brunels we love it so much we had to create a Banoffee Cupcake!! A beautiful Banana cake with pieces of Caramel inside topped with our velvety, rich chocolate buttercream. To get your hands on these contact us today!

Raspberry Ripple

These Vanilla and Raspberry Cupcakes are such a sweet delight! With our light, moist Madeira sponge topped with two velvety smooth buttercream's. One being a beautiful classic vanilla and the other being our Raspberry Jam buttercream its just so irresistible! One of the best combinations you will ever taste!  Taste the Brunels Bakery difference today. We can't wait to see you!



Oreo biscuits or known as Cookies and Cream is such a trend and we can see why! The rich Chocolate taste balanced with a creamy vanilla whats not to love?! It was only fair to make sure you didn't miss out!! Our Oreo Cupcake is actually all Oreo!! We make an Oreo Cake topped with a creamy vanilla buttercream, a mini Oreo and Oreo Crumbs its truly a treat! Get your hands on some of these today!

White Chocolate & Blueberry

We at Brunels love creating new ideas and flavours and when it comes to our cupcakes we just can't stop! Who here loves Blueberries? Well we've made the cake for you! We find that White Chocolate goes so well with Blueberries. A lovely light vanilla sponge with White Chocolate and Blueberries inside topped with a beautiful two tone buttercream. One being a velvety White Chocolate and the other being a fresh and vibrant sweet Blueberry. A cupcake that's beautiful inside and out!


Banana and Chocolate Chip

Banana and chocolate couldn't be more of a classic combination! We had to make sure you tasted these beautiful flavours! A light and moist banana and chocolate chip cake topped with a beautiful two tone buttercream. One being a famous chocolate and the other being a satin smooth banana buttercream. Topped with Chocolate chips and a Banana Crisp you couldn't get more Chocolate and Banana in if you tried!


Who does love the famous and classic dessert Tiramisu?? We have combined the beautiful flavours of tis dessert, Chocolate, Coffee and Cream. We've made a rich Chocolate and Coffee cake then topped with a silky, velvety smooth buttercream dusted off with and intense cocoa powder its a real treat and a real favourite with our customers!


Lemon and Elderflower

This beautiful and classic flavour is something we couldn't let you miss out on! This is such a light and moist Lemon cake. With the touch of Elderflower it adds a beautiful refreshing note to an already citrusy cake. Come and get yours today!!


Everyone knows and loves this little chocolate sweet ... Maltesers!! We have created a Chocolate and Malt cake topped with our famous, rich Chocolate buttercream and decorated with whole and crushed Maltesers. whats not to love?!  Taste the Brunels difference today. We look forward to seeing you!

Caramel Cupcakes.jpg


Oooh Caramel. What a beautiful sweet thing you are. If you have a real sweet tooth this is the perfect cake for you! With our secret ingredients we have managed to create a cake that taste so much of caramel you wouldn't believe! Caramel Cake, Caramel Buttercream and Caramel fudge Pieces its a Caramel heaven!

Red Velvet

These Red Velvet cupcakes can't be made quick enough! It’s a real favourite, and holds a very special place in the hearts of all of our customers. A beautiful bright red sponge topped with the devious and creamy white chocolate and cream cheese buttercream its no wonder that everyone loves them!



If your a chocoholic then this just the cupcake for you! Our famous rich chocolate sponge topped with our decadent, creamy chocolate buttercream you'll be coming back for more and more!

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