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Triple Chocolate Brownie

Our Fresh Brownies are baked fresh daily to perfection and are a real crowd pleaser.
It is our most decadent dessert. We use the finest dark, milk and white chocolates to create a beautifully gooey delight that any chocolate lover would fall in love with. Using only the best quality ingredients, this is what elevates this brownie like no other to create our signature creation.
Also available as a gluten free option!

Cheesecake Brownie

Our signature brownie with a cheesecake topping! Its the best of both worlds. Our silky smooth cheesecake topping compliments our gooey brownie so well. From vanilla cheesecake to fruit, chocolate and many more flavours theres something for everyone

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Frosted Brownie

Our Frosted Brownies are another way of enjoying a brownie that little bit more. A creamy, buttery frosting that just melts in your mouth is truly something special. Available in a wide range of flavours!